Shamal is a well-established Italian industrial company specialised in the production of a wide range of air compressors intended for professional and industrial use.
On the market for over 50 years, Shamal combines its extensive experience gained in the industry with the precision and accuracy of its  production. The result: unique and special products that stand out for their reliability and artisan touch in every stage of their creation.

Shamal rotary screw compressors
are designed to meet industry and small-medium business requirements, where compressed air is one of the main energy sources. They are designed to run continuously under the most severe conditions of use (climatic or environmental), with special attention to energy consumption, low operating and maintenance costs, and ease of installation and use. Moreover, the variable speed with inverter technology allows for energy savings of up to 40%.
Shamal screw compressors are excellent Made In Italy products!
The entire production cycle, designing phase, mechanical processing, assembly, and final test takes place within our premises in Italy. Every product is manufactured in compliance with the laws in force and is monitored in every stage of the production cycle. This guarantees maximum quality and functional standards.
The result: unique original products, industrial machines of the highest quality that stand out for their reliability, use of cutting edge materials and artisan touch in their creation. The Made In Italy production guarantees continuous immediate availability of spare parts and assistance from highly qualified technical personnel.
In addition to the complete product, Shamal provides a wide range of screw units, intake regulators, thermostatic valves, and accessories for the assembly of rotary compressors.

Shamal compressors are specifically designed for intensive use and to last throughout the years. This is possible thanks to technical solutions (extensive finning on the heads and cylinders combined with large intercoolers and aftercoolers) that allow them to operate at low temperatures and guarantee reliability and top performance.

Highly qualified technicians and personnel equipped with state of the art technology and cutting edge equipment work together every day to check the efficiency and quality of the products. 
Assembly operations and testing conducted on automated lines, state of the art automated systems and IT equipment intended for design and control are the main investments we have made in order to manufacture products that comply with the quality standards required by the market.
All critical components are manufactured in-house, using work centres and numerical control machine tools and subjecting them all to testing.

The advantages of the screw range
All models feature the following advantages provided by Shamal screw technology:

  • High volumetric efficiency: the air provided by our high efficient screw units allow to reduce energy consumption and thus save money;
  • Reliability: the low speed of the screw pumping unit guarantees reduced wear and longer life;
  • Suitable for intensive and 24/7 continuous use with no performance loss;
  • Low installation costs: the versions equipped with tank and dryer are ready for use, without additional costs;
  • Made in Italy: the entire production cycle takes place in-house and the Shamal screw units are fully designed and manufactured in Italy;
  • Low noise levels that significantly reduce sound pollution and allow the compressor to be installed close to the work site;
  • Compact design for reduced overall dimensions;
  • Simple maintenance: these compressors are manufactured to allow for easy maintenance by making the components easy to access.
  • Shamal rotary screw compressors are intended for industrial applications and are available in different power ranges, set-ups, and technical solutions, in order to meet the specific use requirements:

    GHIBLI - STORM - from 2.2 to 75 kW
    Rotary screw compressors with Poly-V belt drive transmission, IE3 "Premium Efficiency" motors, new ETMII and ETIV advanced electronic controllers, available in different versions (floor or tank mounted, with or without dryer), also with Variable Speed (VS models).

    BORA - from 90 to 250 kW
    Rotary screw compressors with direct drive transmission, also available with variable speed (VS models).

The widespread presence of our sales network in over 100 countries guarantees the availability of original spare parts, and appropriate technical support with speed, professionalism and expertise.