New BORA screw compressors range from 5.5 to 45 kW

New BORA screw compressors range from 5.5 to 45 kW


With the new BORA, the 1:1 direct drive transmission line, SHAMAL's proverbial reliability also comes to screw compressors. Available in fixed or variable speed, starting with the 18.5 kW models they use the latest generation of permanent magnet motors and inverters to ensure unprecedented performance and efficiency.



High efficiency and energy savings
The direct drive transmission, based on an original Shamal design, minimises the need for maintenance and increases the reliability and longevity of the machine. The combination of innovative technologies and components designed and built by Shamal, the optimisation of air and oil circuits, and the use of state-of-the-art motors and inverters guarantee high efficiency.
The new air-ends, combined with permanent magnet motors in 18.5 to 45 kW versions, ensure higher compressed air capacities with lower energy consumption.

New Login controller
BORA models are equipped with the new LOGIN electronic controller with touch-screen display. In addition to full control of all compressor functions, it also stores the data on a specific memory card, so as to manage multiple compressors (up to 8 units, even different types) and for remote control via SMS Device 2.0 that can be matched to the control unit.

Silence at the highest levels
The low speed air-ends and the use of radial cooling fans allow BORA products to offer amongst the lowest noise values in
their category. This means a simplified installation allowing the compressor positioning close to the point-of-use.

Compact design
The BORA series has been designed to offer maximum performance and highest reliability, in a compact space saving format. The modularity of the different setups allows more than 100 possible configurations.

Simplified maintenance
All of the routine service components are located in the most convenient and easily accessible position. The panels can be taken away or opened for complete access. Maintenance costs are reduced and efficiency improved thanks to the use of the highest quality components.

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