The Shamal brand, which has been on the market for over 50 years, combines its extensive experience gained in the industry with constant innovation, in order to satisfy customer and market requirements, also in terms of product customisation and by offering cutting-edge solutions.
All Shamal compressors are designed, created and tested at our production sites: this allows us to ensure high quality standards during all stages of the production process. The result: unique and original products, professional machines of the highest quality that stand out for their full reliability, the use of innovative materials and an artisan touch during the creation stage.
Shamal's compressor manufacturing is the excellent result of "Made in Italy" know-how, created with passion and commitment over the years.

The range of piston compressors by Shamal is one of the largest in the field of compressed air, and comprises direct drive or belt driven models from 2 to 20 HP with different types of tanks, pressure, electric motors or internal combustion engines, and super-silenced versions.

In addition to a broad selection of compressors, thanks to its brand Comaria, Shamal offers a wide range of pneumatic accessories and tools for use in the professional sector (die grinders, drills, electric screwers, airbrushes, sanders, inflating guns, etc.).

The FSN Air Treatment line integrates the selection of products offered by Shamal for professional use, featuring one of the most complete ranges in the field of compressed air.

We also offer a specific line of compressors for the dental industry: MedicAir.