New Professional range

New Professional range

The new PROFESSIONAL range  includes COAXIAL LUBRICATED COMPRESSORS, which feature pump with a cast iron cylinder, carter and head in aluminium and strong plastic covers which route the air to cool the head.
Strong and powerful, these units are created to satisfy the needs of hobbyists and craftsmen.


SD2/24S - SD2/50S

New lubricated compressors with 2 and 2,5 Hp pumping unit ideal for all d.i.y. activities and enriched with technical solutions that simplify use.
Large gauges on the compressor for easier reading.
Long handle for easy transportation.
Large wheels to ensure greater stability an handling.
Sturdy front feet offer greater stability.


This new compressor features a permanently lubricated pump that does not require oil.
Innovative design.
Start up at extremely low temperatures (-20°) and low voltage, only 150 Volt.
Pressure switch built in for a more compact design.
Handle built into the crankcase for easy transport.
Rubber feet for enhanced stability during use.

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